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Vicente Gambito

Senior Entrepreneur

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Vicente Gambito

Senior Entrepreneur

1 Years of experience

I am a retired senior born in 1941 and I have always had this fascination about computers; even during the time that the only items here closest to computers were new books describing the technology in the school library. After retirement, I entertained myself with doing online jobs in platforms such as oDesk, People Per Hour and Upwork.

Just recently, I was able to form a team of IT designers and developers that are willing to undertake a project that I have been imagining for more than ten years. This team will develop for me software that is applicable to the different government offices in the Philippines. Our first project is an application that will allow the Barangay (smallest government unit) to participate in the task of collecting taxes on real property.

Currently, there are

Our Proposal for Partnership
My team will invest in the development of the software and we will tailor it to the specifications of any Japanese manufacturer of computers (desktops) willing to form a partnership with us.

We will demonstrate the capability of our application starting with one city that has about 100 Barangay units. Once the functionality of the application is demonstrated by an appreciable increase in the efficiency of the tax collection, we will invite all other cities and municipalities to make use of the application using the hardware provided by our Japanese partner.

Such partnership shall start when we are able to finish the application, have it evaluated by the Japanese partner. Once the concept is accepted, we will install the software into two desktop computers supplied by our partners. Here, we will be able to tailor the software to utilize the unique features of the partner’s computer; such that when offered to the government units, it comes as a package.

In order to have an advantage over suppliers if and when the government calls for a public bidding for the proposed project, we will offer the best price of the partner for the supply of each computer. In this initial deployment, we will not add-on any cost for the development of the software. We would expect however, to earn on the lowest commission rate normally given by our partner to their existing dealers in the Philippines. In that manner, we will assure ourselves of winning the contract from the government. Our partner can sell directly to the government.

In effect we will be selling the hardware at very competitive prices existing in the market with free software added. There is even a possibility that taxes involved in the supply of hardware be considered tax-free, since there won’t be any local agent.

In year 2000, when government was unable to implement ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 332 – DIRECTING ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND INSTRUMENTALITIES INCLUDING LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS TO UNDERTAKE ELECTRONIC INTERCONNECTION THROUGH THE INTERNET TO BE KNOWN AS THE RPWEB, I acquired the domain name ‘rpweb.ph’ With this domain name, I am now prepared to undertake the original vision of the ORDER. Pls see(http://goo.gl/6fl0NM)

This is the reason why I am now seeking for a partner or partners from Japan. If needed, I can identify some Japanese citizens that I know have been doing business here during the last 15 years.

I look forward to a rewarding partnership with Japanese manufacturers.

Arigatou gozaimasu,

Vicente Gambito

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