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Ana Francisca Cunha

Middle Level

Resumes Marketing

Ana Francisca Cunha

Middle Level

2 Years of experience

I’m currently looking for an internship in Tokyo.

I just came back from Japan, where I studied last semester in Akita international University, and where I were able to have a close contact with Japanese people and culture, that I feel in love. However, because Akita is a small city, I didn’t have the chance to get to know all the aspects from Japanese culture, that’s one of the reasons why I’m really interested in go back to Japan, this time to work and to know Japan and Japanese culture from other perspective.
In other hand, I believe that by having an internship in Tokyo, I will be able to grow up professionally and learn many things that will help me being a better professional in the future.

At the moment I’m studying Management at the Catholic Porto Business School in Portugal, where I had the opportunity to study abroad twice: last semester, in Akita International University, Japan (4 months); and last summer at UC Berkeley, California (6 weeks). Additionally I lived during in Stuttgart, Germany, with a host family in high school (5 months).

I’m really interested in the tasks that are related with managing people and during my extracurricular activities I had the opportunity to practice some skills relativity with HR.
Currently I’m the Chief Internal Project Officer at the junior enterprise of my school. With this responsibility, my tasks are to supervise all the internal project teams (4), to be sure that they will complete their tasks in time and with success.
In the other hand I’m also interested in Marketing. During my bachelor degree I had the opportunity to learn more about it and at the junior enterprise I did two marketing plans for clients and I was also responsible for social media at the student cabinet in Akita and with the projects that I organized I also needed to advertise them on social media.

I’m active, versatile and I’m also responsible: I was project manager more than once and I was in charge of my school class during 4 years.
I’m able to work alone but I’m also used to work in a team and I believe that in some tasks we can produce a better work with a team, because we can learn with each other, and know other points of view. I’m also often in contact with people from other cultures and I find it very interesting.

I’m proficient in MS Office and PhotoScape (photo editing program).
My native language is Portuguese, I have 940 out of 990 in TOEIC English exam. I have got some Japanese language skills – I had 5h per week last semester of Japanese – I know how to read hiragana and katakana and some kanjis. I’m comfortable with Spanish and I know some German that I learned when I lived in Germany.

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